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The trading and financial services industry seeks the highest caliber of IT talent that exists. The best and the brightest. We help those job seeker candidates find long-term careers in well-established trading firms and hedge funds in Chicago, New York, Houston, London, etc.

Our technical recruiters specialize in the placement of Software Engineers, Programmers, Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Quantitative Analysts, Data Scientists, FPGA Engineers, Trade Support Engineers, Information Security Engineers, Trade Support Specialists, Project Managers, Directors, CIO’s, CTO’s, etc.

Our clients in the Financial Services Sector include International Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms, Investment Banks, Trading Software Companies, On-line Brokerages, Market Data Providers, Start-up Trading Firms, Trading Software Product Vendors and many others.

The trading industry presents an opportunity for IT professionals either to grow and develop within a role or to enter the market and pursue a new and exciting career path.